Custom App is not working anymore in Teams 2.0

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we created a custom app for Teams to connect to a SPO Site directly from MS Teams.

This app worked well for the last weeks. But now it could not be opened by many Teams 2.0 users. 

The error message:  "There was a problem reaching this app"


The custom app is working in Teams Classic, Teams Web, Teams Web New.. 

But not anymore in Team 2.0. It was already working for the users..






We already tried to clear the cache, reset the app, reinstall the app.. Nothing helped so far... 




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Hi @DominikA9522 ,
Can you please share the deployed manifest so we can check from our end?


attached with example data.
Thank you!

"$schema": "",
"version": "1.0.5",
"manifestVersion": "1.16",
"id": ".........................",
"packageName": "",
"name": {
"short": "App Name",
"full": "Long App Name"
"developer": {
"name": "Comanyname",
"mpnId": "",
"websiteUrl": "",
"privacyUrl": "",
"termsOfUseUrl": ""
"description": {
"short": "My App in Sharepoint",
"full": "My App in Sharepoint"
"icons": {
"outline": "outline.png",
"color": "color.png"
"accentColor": "#ededed",
"staticTabs": [
"entityId": "....................",
"name": "My App Tab",
"contentUrl": "",
"scopes": [
"entityId": "about",
"scopes": [
"validDomains": [
"showLoadingIndicator": true,
"defaultGroupCapability": {}

Hello @DominikA9522,
We tested using the manifest shared, however it seems to be working fine in Classic Teams and New Teams web client but not in New Teams desktop client. Can you let us know if you are facing the issue only in Web Client?

Hello @Vaibhav-MSFT ,

we're facing the issue only in Teams Desktop NEW.

The Teams Desktop Classic is working
Teams WebClient and Teams WebClient New is working

Thank you

Thanks for letting us know. We raised a bug for this issue, we will keep you posted on the updates.
Thank you!!

Thanks for you help. When do you think you come with an update/Fix to this solution?
1st April Teams New will be enforced and then not working for any of our 6000 users...

Apologies. Currently there is no ETA to share. We will update this thread once we hear from engineering team. Thanks!

I would like to add that we're having a similar issue here. Custom Teams app works fine on web browser but does not work using the new Teams 2.0 client. Switching back to classic loads the new version of the custom app.
we're close to global rollout for Teams 2.0.

Do you have any news / Solution about this issue?

@DominikA9522 ,
We still don't have any exact update on the bug fix.

any updates for this bug ?
I'm facing the same problem with cutsom app + sso enabled.
Any update on this? We are facing exactly the same issue. With teams classic being discontinued on April 12 we really need an answer on this.
Just to note that I had changed my manifest version to 1.16 and retried on Teams v2 this afternoon, and Teams successfully loaded my app.
I continued to work and tried to hook into events for Participants joining a call but they were not being raised. This is something I posted some months ago about here, and my change to make it work was to downgrade to manifest version 1.14.

I have not tried to downgrade yet but can try that in the morning.
It would be nice however to have some confirmation that the intermittent issues are being addressed though. I cannot have failures to current working functionality arise in production code.
Hi @Vaibhav-MSFT,

what is the status to this bug? Our management is already complaining...
Is there a workaround possible? for example when clicking on the app the link is opening in the browser instead MS Teams?

Thank you
Hello DominikA9522,
We got a response from engineering team that this is not a supported way of embedding SPO sites in Teams.

Hi @Vaibhav-MSFT 

can you please let me know how we can get this working then with a supported way?

@DominikA9522 ,
We are checking this with engineering team. We will inform you once we have any update.

Hello @DominikA9522 ,
We can embed the SPO site to teams using the Viva Connections.
Viva Connections: Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams as personal apps | Microsoft Learn

thanks, yes this is working but not yet usable for us..

It it possbible when i click the App symbol in the App bar that the link is opened external in a browser?