Teams Real-Time Media Bot

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Has anyone here experimented with this bot:
After a lot of struggle, I finally managed to run it according to the guide and I have a number of questions
1- Is it possible to run it locally with ngrok
2 - Where I see the logs of this project
3 - Why does it cost me about $ 160 a day even when the machines are not running

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@גיא אלדן here are some instructions on how to run your code locally. 


We have instructions here on how to run the bot locally.


The key step is to create a wildcard certificate with a custom domain, and then have a CName entry in that domain that redirects to


This needs to be done because the media platform verifies that the certificate passed in has a subject or SANs with the domain it is trying to reach out to (I.E. so ngrok tcp URI cannot be used directly).