Teams Connectors Actionable Message throwing Target URL Not Found

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I had developed a Microsoft Teams connector for our application, that can post requests from MS-Teams Message cards to our application, but since yesterday the Actionable messages are failing with the exception  { displayMessage: "<p>Target URL is not allowed.</p>\n", errorCode: "InvalidTargetUrlException" }


This error is not just applicable to our connector, but other published connectors like Trello's and Incoming Web hook Connectors.

I realise there was an update with MS-Teams yesterday, did that in someway made changes to the connector actionable messages?

Expecting a response at the earliest possible.


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@BaluVijayaKumar - We tried sending cards with Action.OpenUrl/Action.ShowCard via incoming webhook. Cards are posted successfully. Below is the card that we posted. 


                "type": "TextBlock",
                "text": "For Samples and Templates, see []("
            "actions": [
      "type": "Action.OpenUrl",
      "title": "Action.OpenUrl",
      "url": ""


Can you confirm if you are still facing this issue, if yes can you please share the JSON that you tried to send?

Can you please confirm if your issue has been resolved?