Teams app numerical icon


Hi there, 


Do you have any idea to display numerical icon on app which is added in Teams? 

When I added my app in Teams, it's located in left navigation bar of Teams.

And in this case, I'd like to display numerical icon in Teams when app gets some update. 


if you have any idea for this, please reply in this thread! 


Thanks in advance.

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@Sae In Choi - Could you please explain your query more clearly like are you trying to get notifications when you're app gets updated?



Hi Sridevi,

Thanks for your reply.
I'd like to display numerical icon on app icon as if I got a new message, the number icon appeared on Chat icon.
The screenshot is attached.

teams app.png

@Sae In Choi - You will automatically gets notification to app when you get any update. It is by design.