Overview of Teams Apps architecture

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My client has tasked me with seeing if there is a conferencing system that's extensible via programmed extensions. In the past, Adobe Connect Pro has been customised by writing custom pods in Adobe Flash. Probably still available but they restricted the conference to those platforms that run Flash - and we all know that's a vanishing platform.


Adobe Connect Pro meetings are very different from Teams - ACP being a very flexible platform in terms of screen layout and the pods concept.


My question for the developers is that is anything like this possible with Teams? From an architectural point of view mainly? I've had a quick look at the myriad of apps available, but they all appear to had functionality to the Teams app - not to meetings. And getting back to the title, is there an top-level introduction to the app environment so I can get a feel of how it's built (part time developer here)?


It looks like meeting functionality is limited to screen share. When I added a polling app, it worked in the chat window, not withing the meeting itself.


My gut feeling is no, Teams isn't extensible in terms of a conferencing and it really is just a screen share app. Doesn't even offer break-out rooms. 


If Microsoft wants to compete with Zoom, they need to look at this area. Microsoft used to have the best development tools in the world.

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@Helios Comms - Here is the feature which is in Developer Preview: Calls and online meetings bots. Let us know if you looking for the same.