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Hi everyone


Is it possible to develop popup windows in Microsoft Teams? As far as I'm aware you could only create that in the scope of apps that you create. I've found posts from 2017-2019 stating that it isn't possible yet, but since we're now in 2021 I was wondering if anyone knows whether this possibility has been added?


My goal would be to show a popup at the startup of teams (something like 'what's new' that is managed by our organization). I've seen screenshots of solutions that are showing something like the image below, which makes me doubt that it - in the meantime - is now possible to create popups?





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AFAIK no but I could have missed this @Vesa Nopanen
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Pop-ups (Task modules / windows) need to be created within the app. Information about Task Modules:

Depending on the app you might position your application to the top-left corner of your left rail. That way that application is opened as "default" - part of the time (user last location will be remembered later).

So: it depends if those popups are available or not - constrained within apps.
Thanks for the response. Your answer is exactly what I was looking for.