New channel experience breaks tab settings popup.

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We use Teams SDK 2.10 to get teams context for Page->Id, which will be returning the tab id or entity id of the Tab. After the New Channel Experience for Post, the Settings for the Tab is not returning the Page->Id.

Tab settingsTab settings

Since the Tab setting shows "Create Tab" button instead of Update or Save.

Tab settings popupTab settings popup

All our live apps at client side are affected due this. Please update us as soon as possible.

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@HARIBABU_PA - Thanks for reporting your issue. We will test this and update you soon.
It is been long time, is there any update for this issue?

@HARIBABU_PA - Apologies for the delay. We are able to repro this issue, we have raised bug for the same. We will inform you once we get any update.

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@HARIBABU_PA, the getContext API was never meant to retrieve information about the tab content page inside of the tab configuration page. If you need to read the existing tab instance settings in the configuration page, you should use the settings.getSettings or pages.getConfig API. That will give you the entityId, contentUrl, and all other metadata that you previously provided when the tab was initially setup.