MS Teams Calling Bot not working

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I have been following this guide to create a calling bot:


I have followed each step. I have added the bot as a custom app in Teams and i am able to send a message/ perform a call action. But the problem here is that the code is not returning any response. There is no response for even a simple welcome request. 

The code is not throwing any error. Therefore I am unable to understand, why the bot is not working as expected. 

Can anyone help me with this?


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Hello @ j_arif Could you please confirm whether you have configured below points properly or not:

1.Go to the created resource, ensure that you've enabled the Teams Channel
2.In Settings/Configuration/Messaging endpoint, enter the current https URL you have given by running the tunnelling application. Append with the path /api/messages
3.Select the Calling tab on the Teams channel page. Select Enable calling, and then update Webhook (for calling) with your HTTPS URL (https://<your_tunnel_domain>/callback) where you receive incoming notifications.

Hi @vikram-MFST,


Yes I have done all these steps. After I send a message/ call the "calling bot" from my teams account, the request is landing on the controller, without any error. But I dont see a response on the bot side on Teams.

This is a duplicate issue, so please track it here: