Microsoft Teams Graph API Error

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I am using Microsoft Graph to Clone a team and I am getting Not Found errors. I used the Graph Explorer to get a list of teams that I am a member of and selected this one to clone. My flow does contain the proper Client, Tenant, and Client Secret information and I have registered my app in Azure with the correct permissions.


template: "id": "cd6239d4-4d21-48d8-93f7-f17fae351871",

"displayName": "Template_Team",

"description": "This is the base template for new Teams.",

"internalId": null, 

"webUrl": null,

"isArchived": false,

"memberSettings": null,

"guestSettings": null,

"messagingSettings": null,

"funSettings": null,

"discoverySettings": null 


In my workflow, I am calling the following.







Getting the following error { "error": { "code": "ResourceNotFound", "message": "Invalid version: teams", "innerError": { "request-id": "24ee407c-7baa-4e2c-a88a-77af52424150", "date": "2019-12-11T18:04:04" } } }

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@Greg Stover , We tried clone a Team, we were successfully able to clone team, Could you please check your request body, what you are sending for clone, I think the issue is with your request body.