Issue Adding App to Shared Channel

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I've developed a bot application for Microsoft Teams and have encountered an issue accessing it within a team's shared channel. Following the guidelines provided in [this document](, I've added the 'supportedChannelTypes' field to the manifest and published it within my organization.

Despite clearing the cache from the '%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams' folder and restarting the Teams app, the problem persists. Below is a snippet of my application's manifest:

"supportedChannelTypes": [
    "staticTabs": [{
        "entityId": "issuesTab",
        "name": "Tasks",
        "contentUrl": "${{PROVISIONOUTPUT__AZUREWEBAPPBOTOUTPUT__SITEENDPOINT}}/api/issues?userEmail={loginHint}&type=ado",
        "scopes": [

I would appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide to resolve this issue promptly.

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Similar issue is being tracked here Please follow that thread for further inputs. We are checking this internally.

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Engineering team has confirmed that the support for apps in private and shared channels is not yet released to external developers.