How to share Content to Stage for external Users in Teams App?

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We have implemented a team app in React and one of our core functions is to share certain content (Video) in the stage.
There are users from the tenant in which the app is installed as well as users from external tenants who want to see the content of the app in the stage of a meeting. The teamsapp is only controlled by users of the tenant in which the app was installed.
The use of microsoftTeams.meeting.shareAppContentToStage() generates the following error message for users from other tenants, when starting sharing:



When testing locally via the teams toolkit, this works without any problems for users of different tenants. Only when the app is installed via does the error occur for external users.

Another user has already noted similar behavior at:

The answer there was: "This is by design. Cross-tenant is not supposed to work."

Is there a way for external/anonymous users to see the content of the stage without this error message appearing? Does anyone know of another way to share content with external users?


Here is some more information:

It is not necessary for the users to authenticate themselves or anything similar in the stage frame. The shared website is a subpage of the Teamsapp and is therefore hosted in the same domain. 


The users simply want to see the content of the shared URL that was passed to the shareAppContentToStage method.


Thank you very much for your help/tips and have a nice day.


Used Teams Version (new Teams): 1415/24031414714

Used Teams-js Version: "@microsoft/teams-js": "^2.19.0",


Update: It would be like the YouTube app. This app also works with external and anonymous users

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Hello @sdenninger ,
Thanks for raising your issue. We will check this at our end and will update you accordingly.

Hello @Vaibhav-MSFT,

Have you been able to check this topic yet?

Hello @sdenninger ,
We are checking this with engineering team and will get back to you once we get any update.

Hello @Vaibhav-MSFT,

Can you please tell me when I can expect an answer from the engineering team? One of our customers has just asked again whether it is possible to use our TeamsApp with external users.

Hello @sdenninger,
We have again informed engineering team regarding this issue. We will let you know as soon as we get any update from them