Define Navigation and Notifications for a Multi-dashboard SaaS Web App Integrated into Teams

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We are developing a SaaS web application with three primary dashboards: a Marketplace Dashboard, a Buyer Dashboard, and a Supplier Dashboard. Our target customers are businesses, which will have multiple users under a single subscription. In our onboarding process, the first user who registers becomes the "Org Admin," who can then invite additional users and assign them roles within the application.

Unlike traditional setups where a business needs to register separate accounts to act as a Buyer or Supplier, our application allows businesses to operate as both from a single account.

In our standalone web app, we handle navigation to these different dashboards through a dropdown menu under the User Avatar in the application header. This header also has a notification button to display real-time notifications.

We are looking to extend this application into a Microsoft Teams personal app and are facing two main challenges:

  1. Navigation: What are the best practices or available methods for navigating between multiple dashboards (Marketplace, Buyer, Supplier) within Microsoft Teams?

  2. Notifications: Can we display our application-specific notifications in the Teams Activity Feed? If so, how can we accomplish this, given that our notifications may work differently than standard Teams notifications?

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@Meghana-MSFT Thank you Megnhana. I look forward to response. 

@anz-yogesh - 

  1. Navigation: Since we don't have any proper way to capture the events from your application (Dropdown list selection change or other) in a Teams app, we won't be able to navigate in it.
    But you can achieve it like below:
    1) Create 3 Tab apps in teams for your dashboards and add the deep-link capabilities to navigate to your different tabs.
    Reference doc link:
  2. Notifications:  Once you get any notification in your application, do you have any way to send the request to any API controller end point?
    If yes, you can call Graph API on that endpoint to send the activity feed notifications but you need certain details like: Team/chat id etc. that is out of your application scope, but you can save those values in memory after fetching from Teams app side but required some manual efforts.    Reference doc link: Send activity feed notifications to users in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn

    Above provided answers may not be the correct solution but can help you to get some idea.

@Meghana-MSFT We have done a few prototypes to define navigations in Microsoft teams and Web Brower Application. Is there any way we can get consultation from the Microsoft Teams Technical team to review App Structure. I will greatly appreciate any support beyond this forum. 

@anz-yogesh - This option is available when you submit your app to publish in Teams app store once your application is production ready. Your app is thoroughly reviewed by a validator -


Also please refer this doc for Teams Store validation guidelines - Microsoft Teams Store validation guidelines - Teams | Microsoft Learn