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we are using the ms graph callrecords api below to obtain teams call data. However we are finding that the sessions[].segements[].media.macAddress field is often null. Our integration requires this field to be populated in order to identify the caller device ( correlating with other data sources )


Under what circumstances is the macAddress field populated ?

Is there anything we need to do on the calling device, or elsewhere, to ensure this field is populated ?${callId}?$expand=sessions($expand=segme...)


thanks in advance!

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Hello @PANDEV ,
Thanks for reporting your issue. We will test this and update you soon.

Hello @PANDEV 

The macAddress field in the Microsoft Graph callRecords API is used to identify the network interface of the device used in the Teams call. However, this field may often be null for various reasons, such as privacy settings, the type of device used, or the network configuration.

The macAddress field is more likely to be populated when the call is made from a device that allows access to this information and when the network configuration does not restrict this data from being transmitted. It's also possible that certain privacy settings or policies within your organization or on the user's device may prevent the macAddress from being shared.

To ensure that the macAddress field is populated, you may need to:

  • Check the device settings to ensure that the macAddress is not being masked or restricted.
  • Review your organization's privacy policies and network configurations to see if they allow the macAddress to be collected and transmitted.
  • Ensure that the devices used for Teams calls are compatible with the Microsoft Graph callRecords API and are capable of providing the macAddress.

Thanks @Vaibhav-MSFT  for your prompt reply. Is there a list of devices that are compatible with MS Teams callrecord API available ?

Microsoft Teams Call Records API does not provide a specific list of compatible devices. The API retrieves call records and related data from Microsoft Teams, regardless of the devices used during the calls.