Announcement: New SCOM Management Pack for Microsoft 365
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Refer to the latest version at SCOM Microsoft 365 V2.


Update on Aug13th 2021

We are LIVE with M365 MP!

It has been a couple of months of CTP release, and we have had overwhelming responses (250+ downloads) from M365 MP users which has helped immensely in shaping the GA release. Of course, the work is not over, we are constantly looking to improve the MP experience based on your feedback and we hope to bring more updates to this MP in few months. The latest version of the MP can be downloaded here and it can be upgraded from CTP to GA.


Upcoming updates:

  • Improved Alert mechanism from Microsoft 365 Service Communications.
  • Additional Modern Authentication with Certificate.
  • Monitor multiple SKUs with single watcher node.
  • Improved M365 Network Connectivity Monitoring & Dashboards.

As always, feel free to provide your feedback at M365 MP Feedback.


We also like to announce the availability of SquaredUp dashboard pack for the new Microsoft M365 management pack. It is a neat set of dashboards for all the key metrics related to M365 workflows on all watcher nodes. To find out more about SquaredUp for SCOM, click here.

The dashboard pack consists of one high-level overview dashboard with the status and key performance indicators. As you drill down into the watcher nodes themselves, there are also a bunch of perspectives pertaining to each M365 service configured. These perspectives display the data scoped specifically to the watcher node you drill into.





[06/04] The wait is over!


Today, we announce the Management Pack for monitoring Microsoft 365 in its CTP (Community Technical Preview) form. This has been a long pending ask amongst SCOM Customers and now, it is available for you to monitor Microsoft 365 workload. Detail of the Management Pack are shared below, and we request you to take a look at the Guide while installing the MP.


As early adopters of this Management Pack release, you provide valuable insight into how the platform works at enterprise scale and help us ensure our customers continue to have a wonderful experience with SCOM. Feel free to write to us at M365 MP Feedback with your feedback & suggestions.


Here we go


For IT organizations, the shift toward Software-as-a-Service can be a daunting move. The perceived lack of control can often hinder this transition, as the IT organization struggles with the role of service broker rather than service provider. As customers make that move to Microsoft 365, a common challenge is the need for service capability monitoring to provide visibility to service health and performance.

Less than 20% of the users open a Service ticket if they encounter any performance issues. If an IT Admin is not aware of any issues, the org is bound to face productivity and financial losses. Microsoft 365 Management Pack for SCOM helps continuously measure M365 user experience from multiple locations using synthetic transactions that user perform and alerts you in case of service degradation. It also provides you with actual Quality of Service delivered to M365 users.


Few key features of M365 MP are listed below

  • All in one: Get centralized reports on Microsoft 365 monitoring on SCOM console.
  • Easy to install and setup - Wizard based approach.
  • Analyze sites with low performance and work towards alleviating the blockages, in turn increase ROI on M365 investments.
  • Add Microsoft 365 subscriptions and configure endpoints (watcher nodes) to perform synthetic transactions.
  • All new HTML dashboards with visualization of performance metrics across Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, Licenses and Network.
  • Proactively monitor connection health for the subscriptions and endpoints accessibility.
  • Reflect Microsoft 365 Incidents, Message Center, and Planned Maintenance messages for the subscription to the Operations Manager alerts.

Upcoming updates:

  • Improved Alert mechanism from Microsoft 365 Service Communications.
  • Additional Modern Authentication with Certificate.
  • Support for monitoring GCC High subscriptions.
  • Improved M365 Network Connectivity Monitoring & Dashboards.


Refer to below GIFs which will guide you in setting up this MP in a matter of minutes. And again, your feedback & suggestions are invaluable. Reach us at M365 MP Feedback.


Easy setup with Wizard

Subscription setup


Steps to Add SubscriptionSteps to Add Subscription


Watcher Node setup


Steps to Add Watcher NodeSteps to Add Watcher Node


H5 Dashboards on Web Console


M365 Dashboards on Web ConsoleM365 Dashboards on Web Console

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