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-----Update on Jan 13, 2022-----

M365 V2 is GA which can be downloaded here. For users who are already on CTP, no further steps are needed.

P.S: There is a known issue with “M365 Connection State Monitor” which is generating alerts. This is of low priority and will be deprecated in next update. Users can disable this monitor if everything else is working fine.



With the announcement of M365 MP in 2021, we have seen a lot of customers using it and asking for more. We are glad to announce an update to this MP and mind you, we are still working extensively to add more monitoring capabilities to M365 MP. Nevertheless, below is a summary of changes that are available in M365 MP V2, and M365 MP V3 GA which we plan to release by Feb 2022.


On the same lines, you may have noticed the below message in M365 Admin Center. With the V2 release, it’s an official curtains down on previous Office365 MP ( which was using Office 365 Service Comms API. With the deprecation of this API (Dec 17th 2021), we have transitioned to Graph API in V2 CTP (




Updates in M365 MP V2 (Download)

  1. Replacement Service Comms API with Graph API for M365 Service Health alerts.
  2. Updated to latest version of MSAL library.
  3. Allow monitoring multiple license SKUs with single watcher node with a new licensing HTML5 dashboard.
  4. Fixed automatic application creation in the Subscription wizard (due to changes to Azure Active Directory).


Updates in M365 V3 GA

  1. Additional type of Authentication (Certificate) in subscription setup
  2. Option to choose Delegated permissions vs Application Permissions in APIs
  3. Replacement of Skype Network Assessment tool with Teams Network Assessment tool
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