ZoomIt v6.0, BgInfo v4.30, PsExec v2.40, ProcMon v3.90 and Sigcheck v2.90
Published Jul 19 2022 10:02 AM 9,223 Views

ZoomIt v6.0

This major update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation tool, adds built-in screen recording for easy demo recordings, and now supports Unicode typing input.

BgInfo v4.30

This update to BgInfo, a tool for writing various system information to the desktop wallpaper, now correctly reports Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 versions.

PsExec v2.40

This update to PsExec, a command line utility for remotely launching processes on Windows computers, adds a new option, -g, for selecting the processor group.

ProcMon v3.90

This Process Monitor update improves event list filtering performance.

Sigcheck v2.90

Sigcheck, a command-line utility that shows file version, timestamp and signatures, now supports custom code integrity policy file checks.
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