AccessChk v6.15, RAMMap v1.61 and Sysmon v13.34
Published May 11 2022 10:34 AM 13K Views

AccessChk v6.15

This update for AccessChk, a tool that shows what kind of accesses specific users or groups have to resources including files, directories, Registry keys, global objects and Windows services, fixes a crash with passing long strings on the command line. Parameters previously limited to MAX_PATH characters have no length restrictions now.

RAMMAp v1.61

This update for RAMMap, a utility that analyzes and displays physical memory usage, fixes problems with the processes tab under Windows 11 and improves the UI on scaled displays.

Sysmon v13.34

This Sysmon update improves performance for UDP network event tracing (the NetworkConnect global option), solves a rare system hang (blue screen) when monitoring ProcessCreate events and a memory/handle leak on ImageLoad events with several exclude clauses.
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