Surface pro 3 vs 4 - touch to scroll/pen to write

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Greetings all!


On my surface 3, when in a Word doc (for example), when i apply my pen I can draw in the document, and when i want to scroll, zoom...etc. I just use my finger.

However, on my 4, I cannot do this...


Thank you in advance!

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@Atolchinsky HI! I'm Inez. Work it for sfusd , and I have had issues with inking and touch and pro type keyboard for my surface pro-6. I went through trying upgrade drivers and firmware and, going on device mgr. to see, if I needed to manually, upgrade the software, and even manually going into device mgr. , and uninstall pen touch, and keyboard. And it is even hard to restart the device. 


I would try troubleshooting first, then restart the system, and if that doesn't work, then uninstall the pen, and hit scan for changes etc. And if that doesn't work, I would even go as far as unpairing it , then uninstall pen app in the device, then add it back in like you would if u just got it, and then restart your device , and see if that helps you...

Hopefully that will help , you I knonw how frustrationing it can be one minute everything running ,smoothly and the next **bleep** aint working , and feeling annoyed and frustrated, because you got use to using all the bells and whistles.