Teams Admin Center Surface Hub listed as Health- Critical

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I have more than one Hub2s that is showing up on TAC with health status Critical.

Further checking the Health Status Tab on the same page 

Connectivity Health as Connected

Software Health 
Teams Admin Agent as Up to date

Windows Operating System as Up to Date


Looking for further direction to understand why the device health status is listed as Critical 


However  have one Hub2s listing as Healthy comparing that with the Critical one everything looks the same but for the version of the Teams Admin Agent 


The Hub 2s that is listing as Healthy is having a newer version of the Teams Admin Agent  2021.10.28.2

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@brajan I am seeing the same thing for our company's Hub2s as well the 84inch hubs are not showing that status. I am following this thread to see if any other users are having issues and if there is a fix.

@jameslamar98612 We're observing similar behavior for some of our Surface Hubs. Any news or updates?