Surface Hub loses connection to Exchange for calendar updates

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I'm writing from home so I don't have the exact error message/prompt in front of me. Basically, it will occasionally pop up a notice that the Surface Hub can no longer talk to the Exchange server (the mailbox/calendar object that provides scheduling for the Surface Hub).


I was told this was a known bug that was resolved with Anniversary Update last month (Windows 10 Team Edition, AU for Surface Hub), however we have still been experiencing this with updated Hubs.


Does anyone have this happening to them as well, before or after AU (Anniversary Update)? I can provide photos tomorrow if need-be, and specific language of the error statement.



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This used to happen to my four until they got the latest Anniversary update, 1607.  Now, I still see this on occasion, but of more concern, I see 'no internet connection' on a daily basis.  When I see this message, I can't email whiteboards.  I can sortof work around it by opening Edge before trying to email a whiteboard.  I have a case open with MS about this issue.  


Question for you:  Do you have a web proxy that requires authentication?

I see this even today on a fully patch Surface Hub 55 and 84....(sigh)

We fixed some issues in the past be this kind of problems can have multiple source. I would have a look of the item 2 of this link It could be also one reason why you are experiencing issues.

One of my Surface Hubs just updated to Creators Edition and I noticed this message again yesterday.  Has anoyone been able to resolve this?

My hub updated today and found itself an IPv6 address which broke exchange connectivity (Not sure why the hub got stuck on this when desktops ignore it). Once i corrected that issue the
calendar started to work correctly and web browser stuttering and slowness seems to have disappeared.