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I was wondering how IT support is for the surface hub?


There doesn't seem to be an option to remotely connect to the hub and control it. I can imagine some users have problems or questions with the hub and they phone IT, but by not being able to remote in this could be quite difficult to help. You'd have to try and talk the user through certain things and I was wondering if anyone has experince or advice for this?



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You can use OMS to monitor the Hub to see what issues are arising, but as it's running a cut down version of Windows 10 there's no way to remotely control the device.
Are you experiencing many issues, and have your users being trained in general Skype for Business, OneNote and Windows 10 usage? That generally helps them address most of their own issues.



we are working to make  ScreenMeet for Support

available to remotely support devices such as these. 


You will need to have a user in front of the device but it will work very smoothly and quickly. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or would like a demo



Your website doesn't say anything about Surface Hub device support. Given this runs a different version of Windows 10 can you be specific and say that your product absolutely supports full Surface Hub remote control?