An engineer’s tour of the hardware and design of the Surface Hub is now live!!!


Hello fellow Tech bloggers!

I'm happy to share that we have released the first of our new Microsoft Mechanic's video-series: An engineer's tour of the hardware and design of the Surface Hub!


The series kicks off with a 6-minute overview of the hardware and design of the Surface Hub led by Director of Engineering, Peter Oehler. Peter details the level of innovation, from the silicon to the Operating System, as well as the intricacies of the embedded devices and sensors. This combination of attributes makes the Surface Hub able to detect presence and be ready-to-use as soon as you walk into the room, while greatly enhancing the video teleconference experience for meeting participants.


Please go check out the video below, subscribe, and leave your comments =)!. Also, we posted a blog detailing the features in TechNet, give it a look and start getting your Hubs running!


Thank you for reading (and watching), see you soon!





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This is great! Love seeing it in action. 

Great post and Video. Love the Surface Hub, only drawback is still the price...

Great overview, I'm very interested in seeing this applied directly in Development/Engineering applications.  I've found several references to a presentation by "Senior Director, Security Business, Hayete Gallot" which appears to demo the use of the Surface Hub with CAD and PLM (Siemens) which reflects our application albiet with different systems.  Anyone know where to find this demo?


I would like to see this in use pulling in PLM product data, manipulating and annotating model views, then distributing technical markups directly and efficiently


I've referenced the link below, appreciate if anyone can link me with a contact to view this specific demo.

Hi Devin, nice to meet you!

The video you're point to is quite old considering how fast we release new materials, but we can definitely work with the data scenario and make the most of it with the ink and touch capabilities of Hub. In the webpage below you'll find PowerBI and other app demos that might be helpful to you. If you are looking to discuss a specific scenario for your company, i strongly recommend contacting your Account Executive so that we can get in touch in an organized way and brainstorm on your specific needs.


Please let me know your thoughts,



Excellent production and information!