SRS V2 unwanted behaviour

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We have some SRS with logitech smart dock installed and running fairly well aside from 1 thing that is being a problem.


When the skype system runs its self update and reboots during offwork hours it doesn't detect the HDMI display attached to it because its either off or in standby mode.  Simply turning the display on lets skype detect it and the warning message goes away but no image gets displayed.


Only way to get around the issue is to restart the device and make sure the tv screen in on and active when the skype app starts up.  Need to find a solution so that skype will either send a image to the display reguardless if its being detected or not or some other workaround. 


This is a problem with all versions of the app from 2.00 to 3.00.


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Hello, I had same issue with version 3.0. The system becomes in some context unstable and reboots itself. This is quite annoying during important Skype call. Any idea from @David Tse on this random reboot ?