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I'm currently having some issues, we have a logitech group system, with the LenovoSmart display, and in the smart display even though it shows the scheduled meetings, it doesn't populate the meeting name, instead it shows the name of the person who created the meeting, twice.


Any way to fix this ?


Thanks in advance

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@Ogando92 There is a setting to hide the subject of the meeting, but that should not show the organiser name twice. But check if that is enabled under More > Settings > Features, check the "Hide Meeting Names". If it is Enabled it, if it is Disabled then Enable it save and Disable it again.

@Linus Cansby 

Hi Linus

Thanks for the reply, however the option is disabled, so there's no reason for not showing the meeting name, I've updated BIOS, firmware... anything I could remember.

Any other ideas ?


Thank you

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@Ogando92 When you open up the calendar for that meeting room (you maybe have to delegate access in Exchange) can you see the subject then? There is an option in the Exchange Calendar Processing that can remove the subject. You can check it with powershell too:


Get-CalendarProcessing -Identity <mailboxname> | ft Identity, DeleteSubject


But this is only for Resource mailboxes so if it is a UserMailbox it is not the Calendar Processing.

get-mailbox -Identity <mailboxname> | fl RecipientType


@Linus Cansby 

Hi Linus, you're some sort of genius !

I've checked the settings on powershell it the DeleteSubject was set to $True

Made the change now, but can't confirm if it's working (travelling), but should be, it's the only thing that makes sense to me.


Thank you for your incredible support on this !

@Ogando92 Thanks for that nice comment.. :)


Glad to help, I hope this solved this problem. You should check (if possible) why this was set to remove the subject.