Change PrimaryUri on Call Queues in Skype for Business Online

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Hello all,

We have set up a couple of Call Queues on Skype for Business online for one of my customers. It works ok, however there is an annoyance:

Incoming calls show the toast with a long name:

That name is the PrimaryUri of the hunt group.


In the on-prem version I am able to change that using PowerShell. However when using the LyncOnlineConnector, the Set-CsHuntGroup cmdlet uses the PrimaryUri as identifier, so there is no way to change it with that command.


Anyone has figure out how to change it the PrimaryUri of a call queue?


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For what i know at this moment, this isn't changeable yet (last check in april). Looks like a bug because when you pickup the name will be displayed.

Sounds like time to open a MSP ticket, just tried modifying :\

Is there a fix for this yet? Having the same problem...

Haven't tried changing the GUID recently because the toast for incoming call shows my Call Queue Name now vs. Guid. MS updated Call Queues in November 2017. You might want to check out their YouTube channel for updated content on subject;

This session will walk you through Call Queues and Auto Attendant. The session has been updated to reflect the changes from December 2017. For more informati...



I have the same Problem. All created HuntGroups have this long an crazy Name. I can not find any way to change that. This is very sad.

I have opened a Microsoft Ticket and I am waiting for a Statement.


regards Thorsten

I can not see any solution in that Video for the discribed problem

This is actual a bug. Microsoft is working on a solution. The Workarround is to add the SIP Address as Contact in your Buddylist. After that, the Diplay Name is presented.  Or create a Outlook contact with that SIP-Address and give the contact the Name you want.




Could you elaborate on how you did this? I've tried adding both the Call Queue contact to the S4BO contact list and creating a contactt in Outlok and have had no luck.



I solved this really with creating a Outlook contact for every Call queue. I added the SIP address as E-Mail address to the contact and gave it the Name I wanted to have. It take some hours until you can see the resolution.
Hope this will help you.

Under the Outlook contact, did you specify the full address as "" or just ""? Where did you specify the name? Under "Full Name" or "Display as" or both? Also does your Outlook contact share the same exact name as the Call Queue?

Thank you for your help!

I just reailized the issue you where experiencing was on the skype for business client. I'm having this problem on the Polycom VVX.

@Edmundo Pena Did you find a resolution for the Polycom VVX?

@Leah_Hughes Unfortunatley not, this is a polycom specific bug. They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix in an "upcoming update".

EN-120233 should be resolved in firmware version 5.9.2 (


I've not been able to test it yet... 

@Jef Vleugels So far so good. This is a great quality of life improvment!!!