Year is missing from modified and created dates in library

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Has anyone ever seen this? I had a user ask me to enforce making the date format consistent in a document library (ie, Month, date, year). I told her those dates are generated automatically, so they should all be in the same format. Then I looked at the libraries she was referring to, and sure enough, sometimes the year is missing. I thought maybe they were truncated due to lack of space, but that's not the case. Please see the attached

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Its the new normal for SharePoint libraries, everything in this year will not have a Year, its assumed. Once the year ticks over it puts the date back.

+1 for @Deleted's answer. This is the default behaviour

The year is stored, it just doesn't display. You can get around this by making a calculated column display the created column as a date type(or time) and using that column in your view instead.

OMG... I knew that LOL! Thank you!

As stated above, this is default! One option is that you can change the presentation format - the default one is the Friendly format, but you can modify the columns to show the standard format, like "DD.MM.YYYY" :) If you like that better.

@John Aage Andersen Any tips on how to modify how the column appears on the main screen, to show year every time? 

Thanks in advance!!