What is the best way to migrate content from Mediawiki to SharePoint modern sites

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My question might seem way too generic but I am trying to start somewhere

We have some content in Mediawiki CMS/Server, and we are trying to migrate this content to our modern SharePoint site

What is the best and the most optimal way to do it?

We did try a product called Metalogic, but that product is not perfect and has some limitations as it migrates to classic SharePoint sites, not modern

We did consider the ShareGate tools, but those tools have some limitations as well

Would anyone recommend a most optimal approach to resolve this task?

Thank you everyone in advance

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Hi @MikhailPodolski ,


ShareGate will migrate documents no problem into SharePoint,  I have used it on 10+ successful projects. 


I guess the question is what format is the data you are trying to import into SharePoint, I would have though there isnt a tool that connects direct to MediaWiki to  copy the data across so are you exporting the data to documents?



@Andrew Hodges 


MediaWiki has a data transfer extension to export its content in XML format only. We are researching for other options to transfer the content from MediaWiki to modern SP pages directly if possible, but so far we haven't found any. One option we have on the table could be transferring the content from MediaWiki to classic SP pages using Metalogix, and then transferring again those classic pages to modern SP pages using ShareGate.
Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

I have the same question and found an migration tool. I know I am late, but maybe it helps? @MikhailPodolski 

How to migrate MediaWiki to Microsoft SharePoint Online or Office 365 - YouTube

I, too, would like to know the answer to this! Thank you for submitting it, even if nobody ever answers us.
I would recommend looking into and exploring the PnP Transformation Framework.

This is a a new part of the PnP.PowerShell module which you can utilise to pull data from any source and map content into SharePoint modern pages.


How did you solve this @MikhailPodolski? I'm where you were in 2020. So far I look into create MediaWiki in Azure instead of migrate 3000 wikipages from MediaWiki onPrem to Sharepoint. I'm afraid users will not be happy with SP as wiki platform. 

@KjoniX You could in theory add a "classic" Wiki library even to a modern site, that supports much of the formatting (if I recall correctly) but looks strange in a modern context to use.

@Warwick Ward

Do you know anyone made working to transfer MediaWiki pages to SharePoint?


Thank you in advance


not specifically MediaWiki, but from a few other systems into SharePoint online.

Essentially the process is using PowerShell PnP, but not the Transformation framework, I kinda developed my own I guess
1. Iterate through every page on system
2. For each page
2.1 Get HTML > Transform HTML to be compatible with SharePoint HTML (find and replace styling, html elements)
2.2 Create a new page in SharePoint Online from base page template using details of page from source system
2.3 Upload transformed HTML into Text webpart sections of new page created
3 - Manually remediate pages where needed

Doing this gets 50% of the job done for migrating all the pages and content, them it a whole bunch of clean up work to manually be done - SharePoint Online just doesn't support a whole bunch of standard html and also with limitations of images embedding an the like

@Warwick Ward 

Thank you for your information.  We may try your method. 


@awu37111 For this customer we installed MediaWiki in Azure with Azure Active Directory integration. Tell me if you need help.

@KjoniX , Can you send me a email to my work email: email address removed for privacy reasons.  I do need some help.  Thank you, Allyson