VLOOKUP in Sharepoint

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Hello everyone,

I am writing into this blog as I got stuck while building up a SharePoint list with conditional hide/unhide column formatting.

Basically what I would eventually like to obtain is to unhide some fields from the form whenever a user from a department X is logged in and is seeing the item. 

Now, given that apparently something like this is not possible with a simple column formatting you would use for instance in the case of a single individual (=if([$Assignedto.email]==@me, ‘true’, ‘false’), I thought about creating a separate list in the same site which lists all the users with the corresponding department.

What would save me at this point is having a VLOOK up field in the original list and then comparing the department retrieved with the "Department X" I would be interested in and making the fields unhide only when "Department X" appears.

I know it may sound a bit chaotic as an explanation but the juice of this is : is there the possibility to have a VLOOK up equivalent in Sharepoint list that gets the info from another list present in the same site?

Thank you all for any future answers.




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