Lookup columns from one list to another list

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good morning group

I have two SharePoint lists on the same site and I need to cross match the information between the two columns below. (similar to Excel's VLookup function)

List 1 = AppCorreos – Column NitFacturaCorreo

List 2 = WMInforme – Column NitFacturaWM


e idea is that in the AppCorreos list Insert a calculated or Search field column (information already available on this site) called "RadicadoPorWM" with the following condition


If NitFacturaCorreo from the AppCorreos list = NitFacturaWM from the WMInforme list

Copy what is in the Usuario column of the WMInforme list, otherwise leave the record blank.


I must also do it for other columns such as filing date and filing number


The AppCorreos list contains approximately 10,000 records and the WMInforme list contains approximately 1,000 records


In the end, what you need to know are the records that are pending to be filed in WMInforme

Thank you in advance for the support

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