User not in directory error. - (Anyone with the link)

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Hi Microsoft,

I have a problem, from time to time, where I made link and put to anyone can se it if they have a link, and i put option to they can't edit files. A lot of times my link I send to more than one people, but some of them say to me to they can't open, or they are asked to login or something like that and last what was happen are this from title, she got a message to "User nor in directory". Why she got this and other people dont? She got this on smartphone, on pc, on wifi, lan and on smartphone internet.

Every time I do some bigger project, where I made very big video files I must share with more than two people I got some error, someone call me to say how he can't open link. This is to painful to me and for my company, and than I need to lost my time to upload on wetransfer or some other service if there are files bigger than 2gb...

In last project I have really big client and what he will think about me and my company because I share links they didn't work with them... Comedian...

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It's really difficult to troubleshoot someone else's issues. I share links frequently and usually include a note that if they have any issues, to Browse as Guest(Edge) or Incognito mode(Chrome). It seems to solve this issue.

@PamDeGraffenreidI just check. Incognito/Private just work fine on my Mozilla Firefox. I check yesterday incognito on Mozilla Android and there was also work fine. But when open to incognito on Edge I got message to I must login to see that files. And my friend who was always open my links on his pc and smartphone, today on his job he say to he cant.

We just got simple microsoft login window and cant view anything.


edit: I just try to open link in same Edge browser but normaln mode, not inkognito and its work fine :face_with_rolling_eyes:


I made this test link for you, so maybe someone will know what its happen...

And this is printscreen of settings I put on it:


If this mean anything, from login page:
Error Code: 50058 Request Id: 50c419dd-c1b0-4366-bf59-1f715f65e700 Correlation Id: 495062a0-5048-4000-d0d6-56aad40a42bf Timestamp: 2022-09-06T12:48:00.427Z

@NordPixels Works fine for me - tested in Edge (logged in and InPrivate), Chrome (logged in and Incognito) and one my tablet. I also tried it while I was logged on with a Microsoft account and O365 online account. Can't duplicate the issue at all. The good news is that you are set up correctly, otherwise it wouldn't work.   I have a session that is logged in, and when I click on the link it opens a new tab that doesn't authenticate or have any of my information.  


I'm not an admin, but I think it is possible for a company to use policies to automatically pass credentials or force log in using something like Okta.   When that happens, it looks for them in the directory and they aren't found. 


The articles I found online only show this error for an external user- in those cases it should be resolved by incognito mode.  I wonder if there is a sync issue or it is taking a while to apply - do you usually test the links immediately or are they out there for a couple of hours before you test?

Ok, Thank you. Maybe someone other see this and came with another solution.