Transparent Image Displays Incorrectly

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UPDATE: The fix seems to be to do nothing, wait a couple days, and then try again and maybe it will work miraculously. Not exactly satisfying but good enough for me right now.


Hi team,


I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here. My goal is to take some SmartArt from PowerPoint, export it as a .png, and then drop it in a SharePoint page. If possible I'd like to be able to maintain the transparency of the original image background.


Current workflow and outcome:

(1) Image saved as .png from Powerpoint (rclick, 'Save as Picture', save as .png)


2. Check image has exported correctly (thumbnail below but also have opened with an image viewer to verify - the background is transparent as desired)


3. Open up Sharepoint page in edit mode



4. Attempt to upload image (note at this stage it looks like it has been uploaded fine with transparency being recognized correctly).



5. Result: Transparent portions of image have been converted to black (this persists in both Teams view and browser view of the Sharepoint site)


Current Workaround: Saving the image with a full white background instead of transparent - doesn't look as great in the sections of the SharePoint site w/ non-white backgrounds, but better than the above.

To add to my general confusion - I swear that this worked correctly when I tried it the first time. I noticed a typo in the image text and needed to alter and re-upload, after which it worked as above.


Any tips would be most welcome.

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@Austen_E Random thought: Did you rename the file? Sometimes when I have an image that has a goober, I fix it and try to upload it again, and it won't take. When I rename, it works just fine. Since you think the upload worked for you the first time, what about the "first time" with a new file name?

@Joni_Kirk - thank you for the suggestion! Gave it a try (as well as recreating the image, recreating the original SmartArt, and doing everything from scratch). Unfortunately no luck so far!



I tried with your steps( 1. using smartart and save as picture) and outcome was same like image uploaded with black background so i did PrintScr and paste in paint and just crop the area of image and save it as png and this time success with white background. 

so what i think is when we try to save it as picture may be its gradient change and after uploading it take it as black background.

i hope this helps.

Yes the white background is a good temporary workaround (can be achieved easier by simply changing the background colour for the elements in PowerPoint) - but it would be ideal if I could figure out a way to get the Sharepoint page to correctly display the transparent background (so the figures blend into the page background, rather than displaying on a white box).
May be you can use some online tools to make it as transparent image and try to upload well it work for me.
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Thank you! Unfortunately I tested a similar option back at the start. The issue was replicating with any transparent image (including ones not created by me).

However, and most curiously - this morning I had to update the graphic as we had moved further along the timeline, and tested it with a transparent background and it worked as intended! This seems to have worked for other transparent test images I tried as well.

The fix seems to be: do nothing, wait a couple days, and then try again and maybe it will work miraculously. Not exactly satisfying but good enough for me right now.

Update 7JUN22 - the undesired behaviour is back, and I've had to swap to white backgrounds to avoid the transparent images incorrectly appearing w/ black backgrounds.


If they miraculously start working again, I'll post here, but this remains an unfixed issue.

SharePoint is showing my transparent pngs with a grey background. Doesn't seem to be just a global admin thing as I have tested with a user account and I get the same problem. Nor is it to do with targeted release as suggested in another post. This is very irritating as making my pages look rubbish.