Use functionality of a list's '+new' button on a sitepage library to trigger flow

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Hi all,


I have been creating a knowledge management platform for my organisation and I was hoping to improve on the solution I have created.

Essentially, I am using a sitepage library to store a collection of 'knowledge articles' with custom metadata. The process around creating an article is tricky and uses a custom flow that I have developed - Currently this flow is being triggered by an MS form so that when a user submits the required information, the flow triggers and creates a sitepage for the user to fill out in greater detail.

The metadata is collected in this form and is pre-populated so the user only need to worry about the content of the page.

I want to replace the form with a more elegant solution - It works well, but I would rather have the UX of the '+new' button on a SharePoint list. Currently, the '+new' button gives me a dropdown where I can choose the content type, or a default sitepage. I want the new button to open the drawer panel on the right hand side of the page, this will then collect the metadata I require and trigger my flow.


Is this possible? Am I am able to remove the dropdown of the '+new' button and just have it open a side panel?

Picture details:

1 - The current '+new' button using the content types.

2 - The current link I am using to open the MS form

3 - The form that triggers the flow

4 - The style I am after


I would like to replace this MS form that triggers my flow, with a 

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