How to display all news till date from all associated sites on a hub site?

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Hi Everyone, Just reaching out to the community for a little bit of help here. We are in the process of developing a News Hub site for our organisation news. This hub site has multiple associated sites for each department. News from the department sites roll up to the Hub site. However, the news web-part only shows the most recent or a maximum of 12 news items on the hub site. Is there a way we can configure a list or a web-part  on the hub site to show all news published on the associated sites till date? Thanks!

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Unfortunately you cannot modify in any way the default out of the box WebPart....May I ask the use case to display more than 12 news in the WebPart...does not the All link work for you?

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín 


We are using a site column "Expiration Date" to filter the web part. Only, non-expired news gets displayed on the web part. The "See All" also gets filtered out by the Extirpation Date. Any suggestion how to display all news without getting filtered out by Expiration Date?


Thanks in advance!