Use a drop down in one list connected to another list selecting employee contained in the list

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I would like to create 2 lists in SharePoint.  The first list would be a list of all the active people being recruited and the second list would be related to a task list that needed to be accomplished to hire that person or steps that have to be taken.  The second list would point to the active people being recruited and allow me to select the person that I want to create a task list for.  Esentially I want there to be a join between these lists so that way if I Ever need to interact with the files.  I cannot enter a unique ID or an employee ID as they are not yet hired and I cannot rely on the people spelling the persons name correct or exactly the same.   I just want to make sure there is a Join between those 2 lists some how.  Maybe there are better ideas to do this.  Thank you.

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@VeeExcelLearn For your requirements, you can use lookup columns in SharePoint. You can create one master list for employees & use columns from this list to tasks list by creating a lookup column.


Note: lookup columns support below column/data types only:

  1. Single line of text

  2. Number

  3. Date and Time

  4. Lookup (single value)

DocumentationCreate list relationships by using lookup columns 

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