Unable to use Page Properties to show Main Site news post + Hub Site news post in same News element.


Our main Sharepoint site collects news posts from six hub sites plus the main site. We have categories like Employee Bio, Product Spotlight, Regional Update, and Fun. 


When using a News element on the main site, I can not use the category filter across the main site and the hub sites.

So, in practice, this means a post categorized as Fun on the main site and on a hub site can not appear in the same news element.

This forces me to instruct users that they must post some categories in either the main site or a hub site so I can properly display them on the front page. 


The specific issue with the News element is this:

News Source: 'This Site' allows Filter by Page Properties. 

News Source: 'All Sites in the Hub' allows Filter by Managed Property. 

I need Page Properties across all sites. 


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