Something Went Wrong! Unable to Group By Field in SharePoint List

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Hi All, 


I've had a user report an issue to me which I've been able to replicate but I can't put my finger on what's causing the issue. We have a SharePoint List which as it stands contains approx 350 items and has 10-15 fields. The issue that occurs is, if you're in a view (effects multiple views and I can't spot any similarities, and no existing groupings within this view) and would like to 'Group By' a field within that view, it initially displays the grouped view for a few seconds and then hits you with a 'Something Went Wrong' Message (Screenshots below). Any suggestions on what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated.







Thanks in advance. 

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@SamHillier was this ever resolved? we have the same issue

thank you

@Josh_740  Hope you could look at this: , it says:

Note:  When grouping by Managed Metadata fields, using more than one Managed Metadata field in the grouping is likely to have a performance impact on pages loads for the library view where grouping is enabled. (For example: Column 1 and Column 2 are both Managed Metadata fields. You first group by Column 1, then by Column 2. This is likely to impact performance of the page).