SharepPoint List error on search and grouped columns

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Hi everyone, we are experiencing an error on our list and open to any suggestions. 


Currently a list of 12 columns and 3200 records (all single text or multiple lines).  We have two columns grouped together and have noticed that when the list is refined by  keyword search,  an error page (Something went wrong) gets thrown when a user attempts to expand a group on the refined list by clicking the ">" icon next to the group.  

This is very similar to the error described in this post which did not receive any responses,  could someone please look into this if it is a bug?



More detail -  the error seems to only persist if using two groupings or more,  one grouping the error does not surface,   still I would consider this a bug since we are under the 5K limit threshold.  


Cannot release to the intended audience of 1000+ users until Microsoft fixes this

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Any Updates here, we are facing the same error.


It's easy to reproduce:

  • create a list with two columns
  • create an entry, search for this entry in the list context => item is found, no problem
  • create a view, group by one column, search => item is found, group can be expanded, no problem
  • edit view and group also by the second column, search => item is found, if you try to expand the group => error occurs

Correlation ID: f74f959f-0045-2000-7274-09987148dcb1





Hope you could look at this: , it says:

Note:  When grouping by Managed Metadata fields, using more than one Managed Metadata field in the grouping is likely to have a performance impact on pages loads for the library view where grouping is enabled. (For example: Column 1 and Column 2 are both Managed Metadata fields. You first group by Column 1, then by Column 2. This is likely to impact performance of the page).