Sharepont Online First Release 7/26/2020 -- Custom Forms no longer supported from Modern Views

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With the latest First Release from Microsoft continuing to conform and confuse users the previous ability to open custom forms from modern views (forms using DFFS or other tools enhancing the new, display and edit form) no longer works.   Now no matter what the new, edit or display form has when you open an item from a modern view you ALWAYS get just the modern form.


This is patently unacceptable to customer using DFFS and other form tools to customize their forms.   It used to work before this update... now you have to switch to the classic view and the open the form.


This should be unacceptable for many many customers using custom forms -- and their is absolutely no justification for Microsoft to change this -- it was working fine prior to this update and there appears no technology reason to make this change except for hubris which Microsoft seems to have an excess of.


On top of the recent termination of Sharepoint 2010 workfows this is just the icing on the cake -- and MIcrosoft does not even think to announce this change which has just as much if not more impact

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