Sharepoint / teams permission for a site (sub-category of Members?)

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So I know that the different levels are Owner, Members and Visitors. 
But, I have several folder that certain people from a diferent section of the same Department should access, but no the rest of the Department. Instead of revoking access 1 by 1, I would like to know if I can create a sub-category of Members, (let's say MembersA) add all pertinent people there and the rest to the MembersB segment. 

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@Rickytruco you can't create a sub-category with permissions but if you go to the advanced permission settings page and create a new permissions group you can then select the appropriate permission levels, add the relevant people to that group and have the rest in another group.





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Hey @Rob_Elliott ty for your reply! This almost solves my issue. I created this in the main team Channel, but the documents I need to be segmented are in a sub-channel/site of that main one. On these sub-channel I don't see the option of advanced permission settings that let's me create the group. Or by creating it in the main one that should go through the sub one? I did that however, but couldn't get it to work either.
Mmmm so what do i do haha. Really appreciated the screenshot btw :)