SharePoint Online Webparts Not Loading Correctly Until Page Refresh

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I have multiple SharePoint Online site collections that are all exhibiting the same problem with certain webparts. When a page loads that contains a quicklinks, hero app, or weather app, the wep part will randomly not load correctly. When it fails, the web part will format incorrectly, will be missing content (document or webpage links), or will be placed on the page incorrectly.


For example, I have a page section with 3 columns, each containing a quicklinks webpart with links to documents. 50% of the time when i load that page, the first column does not show at all, the second column has the quicklinks header but no content, and the third column has the quicklinks header and content icons that have been shrunk with no link descriptions. I refresh the page, and the intended formatting loads correctly, showing all webparts and content.


I have multiple pages that this occurs to, with different combinations of webparts and content. Has anybody seen this before?


I have an attached example of a 2 column wide page section. The first image is initial page load, and the second image is after a manual refresh. (This issue happens in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and IE)

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We have been having reports of the same issues on our modern SharePoint sites. Seems to have started happening more over the last couple months

Agreed @Rick DeFoe.  I created a SPFX WebPart that queries the search service, and surface the web part on a page that I use with managed navigation (thus the search is context specific to the navigation link selected in the menus).  The webpart is not refreshing on the transitions.  Oddly if you select the same managed navigation menu link twice, it refreshes...otherwise a manual refresh is needed.  I'm exploring ways to try to force a refresh/reload of the page via HTML/Javascript and suspect I'll need to tweak the master page. 

I am experiencing the same, have you resolved this? @Matthew2370 

Hey @Scrum5,


I ultimately had to get into the Type/Javascript level on this to get it to work (window, etc).  Managed to nail it down by adding this to my Init code in the SPFX web-part.  Hope it helps you!  


  protected async onInit(): Promise<void> {

    await super.onInit();

    navterm = window.location.pathname.substring(window.location.pathname.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

    ((history) => {
      var pushState = history.pushState;
      history.pushState = (state, key, path) => {
          pushState.apply(history, [state, key, path]);

    window.addEventListener('popstate', function (e) {
      // Currently browsing by the browser history buttons ( back / forward )
      // doesn't cause any effect on a sp conditionally loaded page.
      // this._onUrlChange();


Hi, I am experiencing the same problem: certain web parts are not loading, manual refresh is necessary. This is not acceptable.
Is there a solution in sight? I should not be forced to add javascript, this should work out of the box.
Hi, i've observed similar problem. My small investigation showed, that case depends on page layout.

Site collection welcome page is HomePage layout
First Load - all webparts are loaded correctly
to scenarios:
1. Navigate to page with layout ArticlePage (click link) - then return back with browser navigation button, some webparts on the bottom page are not loaded.
(need full refresh)
2 . Navigate to page with layout HomePage (click link)- then return back with browser navigation button, all webparts on the page are loaded.

This behavior occurs on one of several tenats i checked.
The same SPFx webpars, the same sections etc.

I think this is some kind of a native code bug rendering SPFx components
Was this ever resolved as I am experiencing the same issue recently.
Hey Andy...can't confirm I'm afraid I implemented the noted workaround in code and it worked well enough to move on (haven't circled back to see if the core issue remains).

@Andy_Jackson nope, still an issue... And no comment form the Microsoft team :\

We reported this issue at the start of April as well. It is important to note that it is impacting all types of SharePoint online sites (communications and teams). We have received reports from multiple users that content is missing until refresh. Thank you for continued work on resolving this important issue as many important links are being overlooked. 

we are also facing same issue from last 2 months.

@radhe2030 I can confirm I'm still facing the same issues. The lack of response from the Microsoft SharePoint team is quite shocking on many of these issues. Perhaps more development time is needed than keynote speeches!?

Hello everyone!

I'm having similar issues as well. I'm working on a site to handle a few of the on-boarding trainings at my company. I can't always get web parts containing Power Apps to load, some of the buttons I've inserted for navigation fail to load, and sometimes the images I've uploaded for title banners load in warped and blurry.

I'm pretty green to SharePoint Online (and SharePoint in general) but I've learned a good bit over the last few months. Does anyone have any additional advice? And does anyone know if the Javascript fix still works and, if so, where I might go to type it in?

Thanks in advance!

Also currently experiencing the same issue. Webparts on some pages will load and others need page refresh or a scroll range to be met - basically lazy loading.

Same question as MrCyber24 about how to embed script if it still works?

Same issue here. What's even stranger is that when I click on a link from one page it works fine but when I click on the the same link housed on a different page, it doesn't work properly.



I tried something that may or may not work for you. I added a querystring to the end of the URL in the link I was using and it seemed to work but I'm not entirely sure if I jarred something loose when playing around with SharePoint's own keywords used in their querystrings.

I added "?ver=1" without quotes to the end of the URL. It can probably be any key/value text but I thought this was the most ignorable querystring a user might see in the address bar.


See if this works for any of you.

I'll also be giving this a go. In the meantime I've consulted a coworker who advised that I should clear my browser cache. I'm definitely embarrassed for not trying this before, but the good news is that it worked! I just feel like it's an unnecessary action to be asked of my site's users... Oh well, into the troubleshooting page it goes!
Seeing the same issue. Mostly when navigating using forward/back buttons in the browser. Any solution?

I observe the same issue today on our tenant. Any solution found for this issue?

We are having the same issue with our SharePoint site. Just on one page that has a lot of different web parts on it. The entire page refuses to load unless you hit refresh. Tried multiple browsers, and cleared the cache completely, including all cookies. The issue remains. Any fixes out there?