Sharepoint Online Users not seeing all the entries on a list

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Since halfway through September we've been dealing with a strange sync issue with several Sharepoint Lists.

In a list with 200 entries, one user will be able to see all the entries , but a different user will only see the entries created until a seemingly random date.

The second user, if they open their account in a different machine will be able to see all the entries.

The first user will be able to see all the entries in the machine of the second user.

Meanwhile a third user may have the same issue as the second user, but in both machines.

It's very difficult to work when out of 20 different user, half are able to see all the entries but the other half can't see all the data.

All users are using Microsoft Edge, and have the same permission for the lists.

We have attempted to delete tempfiles and cookies.

While deleting cookies fixes the issue, the fix only lasts until the user refreshes the page, at which point they suddenly are unable to see the latest entries.

This is now also happening in the environment of one of our clients.

Any help will be much appreciated. 

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I am having the same issue.  @Pedro_Monteverde 

Any update on this issue ?