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Hi all.


We are fully O365. We have Azure Ad and SharePoint Online. I have created a list. In the name column I want users to be able to start typing a users name and it pull that data from Azure AD. So if someone filling in the form wanted to enter John Smith in to the Name column, as they start typing Joh... it would fetch the data from Azure AD and present a dropdown of users meeting that pattern. Sounds simple but I cant figure it out.


To put it simpler, how can we use the Lookup column type to fetch data from Azure AD. Currently it only allows to lookup "information already on this site"

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Thanks very much for this. I chose the Person or Group option, selected All Users. Now when a user fills in the form, they type the first few letters of the name and it autofills in the rest. Exactly what I was after. Thanks again.
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