SharePoint Online - error when responding to access request

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Hi all, we're having an issue when responding to SharePoint Online access requests in Outlook. 


Our intranet sites (communication sites and/or hub sites) have the access requests set so that all requests go to a shared mailbox.


From the shared mailbox, if we click to grant the access (view or edit), then we either get the error "an error occurred please try again later" or "Failed to validate the signature of the actionable message card". 



Does anyone know what may be causing this error?




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Hello AFAIK, Actionable messages (like the one to approve the request) don't work in Shared Mailboxes
Thanks Andres!

So in our situation, 200 comms sites that have always had requests sent to a shared mailbox since our current intranet launched five years ago.

Microsoft have introduced this new actionable message functionality which means our process no longer works.

I'll raise with support and see what happens- so if it's a shared mailbox then it should not show an actionable message would be a solution I guess.
I just tested this on my lab tenant, if, you forward the request message to yourself (from the shared), you can accept or decline the request using the regular link, maybe you can try that as workaround

@Andres Gorzelany that’s a great workaround. Works for me too. Thanks!