Sharepoint List Attachments

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I have a Sharepoint list where everyone is supposed to be able to attach files to items in the list. I have restricted the ability to create new Items so that no one can.

Some people seem to be able to attach files and some can't. I have been unable to find any link between the people who can't attach and the people who can. For example, I am unable to attach (I am the owner the list) while my test account can attach just fine (they are just a member with edit-only permissions). There are also 2 other users with exactly the same permissions but one can attach and one cannot. 

When we attach it doesn't come up with any error it seems to attach just fine. Then we click save and everything seems to work fine until you check the item again and there is no attachment. 

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Can you share screenshots of the permissions? Curious how you're accomplishing the ability to edit existing items but not add new list items. Are you setting the overall list permissions to read only and then individually setting permissions on each list item so that folks can edit? Also you state that some can attach and some cannot but that attachments aren't being saved - can anyone successfully attach a file that sticks?


On the permissions for the SharePoint site I created a custom permissions level with edit only and excluded the Add Items permissions. On the permissions for the list I assigned this custom Permission Level to the members of the list. 


On attaching items sorry if it was confusing. When someone tries to attach a file to an item it appears fine every time. After someone has attached the file you must click save to actually save the file to the item. This also appears to work just fine without error. However, when you reopen the item the attachment isn't there. When certain people attach a file it works just fine and everyone can see it. When other people try to attach a file it has the problem I explained above.   


Maybe try this instead: grant your members read rights to the List overall. And then for each list item, stop inheriting permissions and grant them contribute rights. Eliminating the custom permissions to reduce variables could help troubleshooting. Also, the other folks who successfully save their attachments, have you ensured they're not in either of the other groups who have Full Control?