SharePoint 2019 on Prem - pdf Documents are not getting opened in client application

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I have a pdf document library on SharePoint 2019 (on prem). The pdf documents are opening in the browser though I have set the library setting to open in the client application.


Other office documents(like word) are opening with desktop clients as expected.


Thanks for any suggestion to fix the issue !



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@pcaltair - I have been having the same issue for sometime, curious if you (or anyone reading this) has had any luck. 

Just for some info, we are utilizing SharePoint 2019 on Prem |  Adobe Acrobat DC (version 20) | IE version 1909 | the IE add-in Adobe Acrobat Sharepoint OpenDocuments Component 32 bit ( there is no 64 bit version )

We have noticed this issue does not persist in the 2013 or 2016 on prem SharePoint envrionments, only in 2019. Seems like some issue with 2019 and or Acrobat DC