change owner of MS Flow


I have flow which created by me, so I am owner.

I want to change owner of flow because if I left project in future it become problem.


what is solution to change owner of flow.


also I have action " start and wait for an approval" in my flow. when user get email for approval

in email "requested by" it always show my email id as I am owner of flow.

I want user who made change in list item should be "requested by", how can I make this changes

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MS Flow / Power Automate allows you to add new administrative users OR those who just execute the flows.  You'll need to add a brand new owner in the general settings of the Flow.  Once they've been added, you'll need to edit the specific step in the Flow that uses your email and use the new owners connection. Look on the top right of the step for the three dots (...) and all the settings you'll need will be here.


Let us know if you need anymore info.

Thanks!..but that still person dependent..and always show person name as requested by-who ever owner of flow..can we make requested by some generic emailed?

@rautchetan27 no that can't be changed. 

Los Gallardos
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@RobElliott , actually, you can change the Requestor in the Approval action. It's under advanced settings. The message will still show that the Approval was created by whosever connection is used to create it, but the Requestor field can be set to whichever user is appropriate. See



@Chad_V_Kealey that doesn't change the owner of the flow which was what the question was referring to.


Los Gallardos
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@RobElliott , it answers the second part of his original question (can the Requested by user be changed, which it can)