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I have a Currency column and I want to round the value from this column to another one calculated column (RoundedCurrency).

For example $7,812,500 should round to $7,800,000.
Is it possible, using formula?

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You can maybe create a calculated column with the following formula:

=CONCATENATE("$", TEXT(ROUND([Currency]/1000000, 0)*1000000, "$###,###,###,##0"))

Replace [Currency] with the internal name of your actual Currency column.

This formula divides the currency value by a million, rounds it to the nearest whole number, and then multiplies it back by a million. The TEXT function is then used to format the number with commas and the "$" symbol.

Please note that the result will be a text string, not a numeric value. If you need to perform further calculations with this rounded value, it might be more appropriate to keep the numeric value in a separate column for calculations and use this formatted text column for display purposes.

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