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In a modern sharepoint team site, how do you reset a list ID value back to 0. During development i have created a number of records which i now need to delete and start again from 0.

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@Stuart_Jolley It's not possible to re-set the ID of a list. Once you've got the list created with its views and you've tested it then go to Site contents and click +New and select List. In the screen that appears, select From an existing list. This will then open up your sites and all the lists to which you have access. Select your site and the original list and click Create. A new empty list will be created with all the views from the source list.


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@Stuart_Jolley  You can't but with the new list creation release recently you can easily create a new list based on an existing one. If the path should be kept then delete your original list and recreate a new list based on your copy with the appropriate name\path and you will get a brand new list starting with ID 0. 



Hi But how would that impact on a PowerApps application that already uses that list?

There as several screens and formulas related to fields in that SharePoint list!!!


Would everything be maintained? (formulas and screens) Do i have to recreate everything that relates to that List?





PS: I kind of scared of trying to create a new on from "template" and then DELETE the original. If anything goes wrong its weeks of work down the drain!

You just need to change the data source in Power Apps to the new list.



Thanks a lot Rob! I'll try that.




I have tried that and it does not go smoothly. All the fields, even though the list is an exact duplicate, gets reset!!! All for screens has to be started from practically from scratch.

You would be better off using Power Automate to create an additional columnID and naming it NEW_ID and restarting it at 1 based on the condition needed. Use that for reference in your app and flows.
Thanks @ColumbusOHPowerUser for sharing your testing and insights!
I wanted to perform the same action to "reset" the list, but decided not to.
I wish Microsoft develops this action.