Replace column title with an icon (or just hide title text)

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I have a custom column where each entry is just a small icon acting as a button to run a flow (this is done via column formatting via json).  I'd like to be able to make this column not take up any more space horizontally than the buttons themselves.  But I can't seem to resize the column to anything narrower than the title of the column (i.e. column name).  I could rename the column use only one or two letters, but this seems like a horrible hack... the column name is used not only as the title in the UI but it's also used like a variable name in power automate flows, so it needs to be descriptive otherwise it becomes very difficult to understand the flow. 


Is it possible to reduce the column title name (without renaming the column), or replace it with an icon?

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@drmrbrewer it isn't possible to replace the column title with an icon nor to hide the title text. But you could do this by using the list as a data source in a canvas app in Power Apps like in the image below where a flow runs when the diamond icon is clicked.




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@Rob_Elliott I'll take a look (if nothing else to figure out what Power Apps can do) but I think my strong preference would be to keep everything in one place (i.e. SharePoint) for usability.  It seems like a bit of an oversight not to allow the column to be resized so that it's narrower than the column name?  I mean, this is possible in File Explorer for example.  Maybe I'll just have to resort to giving my column a one- or two-letter name (if that's possible).

@Rob_Elliott it's even worse than I thought... even reducing the column name doesn't help because SharePoint seems to enforce a silly minimum column width regardless (larger than I want it to be)... I mean SharePoint allows you to do some complex stuff but sometimes it doesn't seem to let you do the simple stuff, like set the column width to what you really want it to be :\