Rename title column of list in SharePoint site template / not persistent in instantiated sites

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Dear all,


in a Microsoft Project Online environment we are configuring SharePoint site templates with certain lists for documenting project information.


This means we are configuring SharePoint lists for documenting decisions, scope items etc. in a SharePoint site template which is used to instantiate project specific SharePoint sites in Project Online.


Now we face the situation that the renamed display name of the column (from "Title" to e.g. "Decision" or "Scope Item") is kind of forgotten when a new site based on the template is created. So instead of showing the column name "Decision" we get the column "Title".


Anybody experienced similar and knows a solution?


Kind regards


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Funny, I wanted to ask the same question as we stumbled upon the exact same issue last week for one of our Project Online instances.
We just discovered that for a custom Project Site Template created 2-3 years ago on the same environment, the behaviour is different - we renamed the Title column there as well and this is kept for all new project sites instantiated from this template.
So, afraid no solution yet - but for me this looks like either MS changed the template behaviour or we ran into a bug here.
Facing the issue where renaming the "Title" column in a SharePoint list template doesn't stick in new sites suggests a need for a workaround due to SharePoint's handling of site templates. Here are two succinct strategies:

Firstly, employing PowerShell to rename the "Title" column post-site creation ensures consistency. This script connects to each new site, applying the desired column name, like "Decision." It's a direct fix but necessitates either manual action or integration into your provisioning process. Secondly, adapting the site template itself by incorporating a custom content type, where the "Title" column is renamed, offers a more automated solution. This adjustment ensures any site created from the template automatically includes the change, streamlining the process.

Each method aims to maintain the renamed "Title" column across new sites, providing flexibility in approach based on your workflow and preferences.

@BarryGoblon Thanks for sharing.

But the latter solution is the one that is not working in Project Online at the moment. We created a custom content type and changed the Title name on the respective list using this content type. And this change is always reverted.

You can't change the title name directly in the content type - only in the list.